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Colten W. Smith

Attorney at Law
Founder, Colten's List

I developed Colten's List with one simple goal: to revolutionize the way people present and acquire actual legal representation.

Each year, thousands of hours of billable attorney time goes unsold while millions of people avoid seeking legal counsel because they believe they can't afford it. At Colten's List, we aim to change that by providing real attorney services in an online marketplace, giving the clients full legal representation at lower prices. is an advertising portal that allows attorneys to offer discounted rates to gain new clients, and clients a choice in what they pay for their needed legal representation.

Until now, the only way someone needing legal help can know what a legal package costs is to spend time calling numerous law firms. Discounted legal services, like pre-packaged legal forms off the internet are advertised, but trying to be your own attorney is dangerous. Some legal document sites are too general in their scope to provide adequate representation which can create even greater legal difficulties for the client.

Colten's List provides the 21st century alternative, better for the Attorney, better for the Client, a revolutionary "win/win" success story in the legal world.