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Colten's List is a win-win for attorneys as well as their clients. This website allows attorneys to advertise and sell their unsold time. Just as a hotel can offer unoccupied rooms at a discount as opposed to having them sit empty, attorneys can now maximize their profits by selling unused time at a discount as opposed to not selling it at all.

For example, if a business law attorney had a light workload for the next two weeks, that attorney could post on Colten's List two LLC creation packages for $900 each as opposed to the attorney’s normal fee of $1,500 per package. The attorney could then specify that to get the $900 price, the package had to be purchased and the work completed within those two weeks. The attorney wins by earning an extra $1,800 (two packages sold at $900 each), and the clients win by purchasing legal services at a big discount.

Attorneys advertising on Colten's List are responsible to make sure they meet all the requirements, if any, of any and all State Bar associations they are governed by.
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