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When making your purchase, you agreed to the following terms and conditions:

By engaging in this transaction, you understand that you are purchasing a coupon that can be used to hire the attorney who advertised the legal services described in the attorney’s advertisement. In the advertisement, the attorney has represented that if you decide to hire that attorney, the attorney will provide the legal services he/she described in the advertisement for no additional payment from you.

Before purchasing, please fully review the description of the advertised legal services made by the attorney including any description of what is included and what is not included in the advertised legal services.

Colten's List, L.L.C. (hereinafter “Colten's List” is NOT a law firm, does NOT provide any legal services and does NOT make any recommendations/warranties regarding attorneys or his/her legal services. Colten's List is solely a website that allows attorneys to advertise their services and clients to search and compare advertised legal services.

Once you have completed your transaction, it is your responsibility to call and/or meet with the attorney to determine if you want to hire the attorney. Before deciding to hire the attorney, you should ask him/her questions about their experience and skill in the particular area of legal services you are seeking. Additionally, ask about any additional costs or expenses that you may be required to pay as part of the legal services (e.g. county filing fees, copy expenses, etc.).

Once you have agreed to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and purchased your selected coupon, you will be given the contact information for the selected attorney who advertised the legal services. Just by making this purchase, you have NOT hired the attorney. YOU MUST CONTACT THE ATTORNEY TO HIRE THEM. You have ten (10) days from the date of your purchase, to decide if you want to hire the attorney. The first ten (10) days after your purchase are referred to herein as the “Evaluation Period”. If you decide within the Evaluation Period that you do NOT want to hire the attorney AND you send an email to Colten's List within Evaluation Period requesting a refund, Colten's List will fully refund the amount you paid Colten's List for the coupon.

Colten's List pays the attorney for your coupon only after you have hired the attorney and both you and the attorney have acknowledged on Colten's List that you have hired the attorney. Once you and the attorney have acknowledged on Colten's List that you have hire the attorney, Colten's List will pay the attorney pursuant to the terms and conditions agreed upon by the attorney when the attorney signed up with Colten's List.
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